Journal of Research (Urdu), BZU - Multan

(جرنل آف ریسرچ (اردو

Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan (Pakistan)
ISSN (print): 1726-9067
ISSN (online): 1816-3424

Publishing Policy

·         Journal of Research (Urdu) is published for two times in a year. Its first issue comes in June and second in December.

·         Fifteen (15) research papers are published in one issue. This obligation has been adopted as per HEC Pakistan guidelines for research journals.

·         Authors are not allowed to submit their research paper to any other journal if once submitted to JOR (Urdu) till the time he receives any rejection.

·         Papers of the new authors are preferred for the new issue. However, if any paper has been marked as extraordinary work or very notable by the reviewer, that can be considered even if the paper of same author was published in last issue.

·         Papers appear at home page of the Journal of Research (Urdu) under editor's choice will be selected after the considerations and comments of the reviewers and may be supposed remarkable.

·         Papers, not written/ composed as per the guidelines for authors given at JOR (Urdu) website, will not be entertained for further process.

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