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اعظم کریوی کے افسانوں میں مشرقی ثقافت کا اظہار

  • Dr. Tahir Abbas Tayyab/
  • Dr. Shagufta Firdous/
  • December 31, 2020
Reflection of Eastern Culture in the Short Stories of Azam Krevi
Eastern Culture Social issues Artistic integrity Urdu Fiction

Dr. Azam Kuraivi is one of the famous fiction writers of the early period when Urdu short story began. He did not only confirm the tradition of Pram Chand but also provided strong and stable identities. He also gave a new and unique creative spirit to Urdu fiction. We can find clear pictures of social life, culture, and politics, religious and ethical values in his stories. He also focuses on the social life around us as truth as social consultation. Specifically, they represent eastern traditions. His fiction also has a good historical and cultural aesthetic sense. These concepts of the early twentieth century are very important and remarkable. Kuraivi's short stories use simple language, natural style and sweetness of phrases. All these features make his stories very popular. We can find a beautiful blend of Persian and Hindi diction in his short stories, which is missing in other Urdu short story writers. So, we can say that he is a unique writer so far as beauty of language is concerned.



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حمید شاہد،اردو افسانہ صورت و معنیٰ، انتخاب/ترتیب :یٰسین آفاقی،نیشنل بک فاؤنڈ یشن، اسلام آباد،2006ء

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اعظم کریوی، پریم کی چوڑیاں اور دوسرے افسانے،کتاب خانہ ،دانش محل امین الدولہ پارک ،لکھنو، طبع اول 1942ء

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قمر رئیس ، اردو میں بیسویں صدی کا افسانوی ادب ، کاک آفیسٹ پرنٹر س ،دہلی ،2004ء

اعظم کریوی،انقلاب ،کتاب خانہ ،دانش محل امین الدولہ پارک ،لکھنو، طبع اول 1944ء



Dr. Tahir Abbas Tayyab

Assistant Professor

Department of Urdu, G.C. Women University, Sialkot


Dr. Shagufta Firdous

Assistant Professor

Department of Urdu, G.C Women University, Sialkot



Type: Article
Volume: 36
Issue: 2
Language: Urdu
Id: 5ff2424a0a104
Pages 95 - 104
Discipline: Urdu
Published December 31, 2020


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