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چھانگیا رُکھ : دلت سماج کی سوانحی دلیل

  • Dr. Sajjad Naeem/
  • Muhammad Awais/
  • June 30, 2022
Changiya Rukh: Biographical Argument of Dalit Society
Autobiography, Translation, Hindusim, Dalit, Balbir Madhoupori

In sub-continent the concept of classes is part of its social life from pre-historic times. When we search its basis we cannot ignore the Hindu religion, which is main cause to increase it. In Hinduism the concept of sect and cast is under cover of religion. Hinduism divided it's followers under four divisions as Barhamin, Vaish, Kashtri and Achoot. The lowest cast in Hinduism is also called Harajin, Dalit, untouchable cast. Achoots are considered as un-human, uncivilized and dirty people. They have no respect in society. Now the modern times people are rising their voices against this act. This protest is in many forms like drama, film and other forms of literature and education with the impact of literature an awareness is rising among the people. Because of this awareness and protest Dalit people are facing many hurdles in society. But awareness is provoking in Indian society. This rticle is the auto-biography "Changya Rukh" by Balbir Madhoupori. It discussed many aspects like un-human customs against Dalit people. Their role in society, limited sources of education and jobs "Changya Rukh" is well read auto-biography which is translated in many languages as well.


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Dr. Sajjad Naeem

Assistant Professor

Department of Urdu, The Islamia University, Bahawalpur


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Muhammad Awais

M.Phil Scholar

Department of Urdu, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan



Type: Article
Volume: 38
Issue: 1
Language: Urdu
Id: 62beb4cfc7232
Pages 53 - 64
Discipline: Urdu
Published June 30, 2022


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