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Innocent children are like flowers whose fragrance permeates the courtyard of a house. Every woman in the world wants to be a parent. Childless couples pray for children and put offerings on the sacred places. On the other side, those who have frequent births use prescription drugs but if they do get pregnant they get it aborted. Unmarried women also abort. If we study the history of different civilization, the mistreatment with children is revealed. The gods and goddesses loved the sacrifice of children. For the maturity and durability of buildings, they were put in the foundations of the walls. The gods were eager to swallow their own children. It was also thought to be the source of rain. Children were being pounded on the rocks and when they screamed it was thought that the rain was coming down. Similarly in the beginning of agricultural society, pregnant women used to sow the seeds and it was considered that in this way the production of the crop would become better. In Sparta, the seven year child was handed over to the state. The physically weak child was left on the mountains to die. Fearing the growing population of the Israelites in Egypt, Pharaoh ordered to kill the children. The mother of Muses (PBUH) put him in a box and consigned it to the river so that he might escape the wrath of Pharaoh. Plato emphasizes the importance of the joint family in the state of his will so that children could recognize their parents. In Arabia, there was a custom of burying girls alive which was abolished by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Sacrifice of children is considered acceptable not only to gods but also to the God almighty. The sacrifices of Hazrat Ismail A.S and Hazrat Abdullah Bin Abdul Mutlib are considered to be of the same category. It is said that the first accepted sacrifice was of Habeel. There are so many traditions, myths, sayings and hypothesis like mentioned above about the children which have been analyzed and studied in this article.


Dr. Shahid Rizwan

Assistant Professor

Department of Urdu, Govt Graduate College, Chichawatni



Type: Article
Volume: 39
Issue: 1
Language: Urdu
Id: 649e8be25b7fe
Pages 85 - 104
Discipline: Urdu
Published June 30, 2023


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